Food and Energy

Our energy levels wholly depend upon the kind of food we eat. It's the energy in food that sustains us. And intake of three key macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) in the right amounts, keeps energy levels at their best.

An easy way to be energetic always

Nourish Energy Rush- A nutritious chocolate drink for the 'whole' family

There are foods which provide instant energy to accelerate the speed of our day to day activities, and keep us going the way we want to.

Smart Value has introduced a tasty and nutritious drink 'Nourish Energy Rush' for you and your family, which gives abundant amount of energy rush in your body. It has soya and whey protein and is suitable for every age group.

A good source of Quick and Sustained Energy

The carbohydrate in it gives quick energy to the body while the Protein offers sustained energy.

Health Benefits

Rich source of Protein and essential Minerals
Deliciously refreshing flavor of chocolate and malt
Gives quick as well as sustained energy
Gives right amount of energy as a snack time drink
Replenishes energy after tiring day to day activities, like workouts etc.
Healthy substitute of Tea, coffee, fatty shakes and aerated drinks like cola etc.

Drink Nourish Energy Rush twice a day and feel healthy all day long.
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